Learn how to cook Indian food with Shanti

Do you want to learn the basics in Indian & Bengali cooking or do you have any favorite dishes at Shanti you wish you could prepare yourself?

We organize cooking classes on a basic level for small and larger groups for any occasion. Under 3 hours you will be cooking some lovely dishes together with the owner of Shanti, chef Nahid.

You will also get an introduction to Indian & Bengali cooking, how to use Indian spices as well as knife technique.

When the food is ready we will sit down and enjoy the delicious dishes you have prepared together with a mango lassi or why not Shanti’s own beer.

Bring your friends or colleagues on an exotic food adventure behind the scene of Shanti that you will never forget!

Taste experience at Shanti

Taste mind-blowing Indian & Bengali dishes and learn the differences between classic spice mixes such as korma, garam masala and tandoori.

Nahid Hassan, owner of Shanti, takes you on a intriguing food journey where you will have a unique cultural and historical insight to the Indian and Bengali cuisines.

We taste classical dishes typical for different regions and learn what characterizes them, how they taste and the history behind those dishes.

This is a perfect activity for the bachelorette party or for a kick-off. Eat, drink and enjoy!

Price: 600 SEK per person, including lunch

Alcoholic beverage not included in the price, you ordered in the bar with 10% discount.