Welcome to Touch of Bengal!

Ever since Shanti at Katarina Bangata opened its doors 13 years ago, we have focused on giving our guests an authentic Indian dining experience. Something that few, however, know is that 90 percent of all Indian restaurants are owned by Bengalis. Few dare to say they run a Bengali restaurant.

Shanti wants to change that. In India the latest fashion is to eat Bengali food. Stockholm will finally have a restaurant that serves both Bengali and Indian cuisine with a Bengali atmosphere. Step into the Bengali Bazaar Rörstrandsgatan 23 and get to know a new food culture - Bengali home cooking!



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Touch of Bengal

Opening hours

Monday - Friday  |  11:00 - 23:00
Saturday - Sunday  |  13:00 - 23:00

Easter opening hours Friday 14/4- 16.00-23.00 *the remaining days we are open as usual


Rörstrandsgatan 23, 113 40 Stockholm
Tel: 08 - 333 100