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Lunch meeting at the Embassy of Bangladesh

Yesterday Nahid Hassan- owner of Shanti participated during a lunch meeting at the Embassy of Bangladesh in Stockholm to discuss trade in Bangladesh and share his success story Shanti.


The participants attending the lunch meeting was besides Ambassador Mr. Md. Golam Sarwar and Nahid, Speaker of the Riksdag (Parliament) Mr Urban Ahlin and the IPU delegation of Swedish Riksdag.

In an enchanting talk about Swedish- Bangladeshi trade relation, recent innovative developments in Bangladesh, Nahid had the opportunity share his journey as a young chef in Dhaka in the 80s with dreams of cooking great Bengali food and making a difference to a great restaurant owner with five Bengali restaurants in Stockholm, his own spice and beer brand, TV chef and and soon to be author of Sweden’s first Bengali cook book.

Nahid has become by the years a strong ambassador for Bangladeshi food and culture in Europe and is a great example of how to reach success no matter what background you might have. This is the reason why he encourages  talented young chefs from Bangladesh to come to Sweden to work at his restaurant. Also the competence in understanding the complexity of cooking traditional curry dishes and bread is hard to find in Sweden.