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Soft Corner earns Gasell status

On Tuesday evening Di gasell gala took place at the Concert Hall in Stockholm. Shanti was there to receive the honorable prize for being one of the successful Gasell companies in Stockholm 2017.

Di Gasell is Sweden's most honorable competition for entrepreneurs all over the country. Its organized by the financial magazine Dagens Industri and is hosted once a year.

Tuesday night all of Stockholm's and Uppsala's Gasell winners were present at the prize award gala at the Stockholm concert hall.

1193 gasell companies were announced for the Stockholm area, the number 1 region on the Gasell list having 196 shares.

Eventhough only 10% of all the entrepreneurs were women this year, yet the special prize "Digital gasell" went to the owner of Skincity, Annica Forsgren Kjellman and her husband Mikael Kjellman and the "Stockholm gasell" was given to Helena Blomqvist, founder of Desenio,

Basically what a company has to fulfill in order to qualify as a gasell company is to have a yearly turnover of at least 10 million Swedish kronor, double its turnover from the previous year, increase its turnover at least 3 years in a row, have a minimum of 10 employees, have an organic growth, a combined result profit for the four fiscal years that are positive, and have healthy finance.

Shanti Soft Corner was first announced a Gasell company 2016 and earned their second Gasell status this year. The restaurant was established in 2008 as part of the first step to expand the Shanti brand after its entry into the Stockholm restaurant scene in 2000. The two brothers Nahid and Naim have since then opened another three restaurants and they don't plan on stopping

"Its felt like Santa came to us early this year with the best gift ever!"- Nahid Hassan, owner of Shanti