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Vibrant & intoxicating music night at Soft Corner

This weekend, a group of Indian musicians entered the stage at Shanti Soft Corner to perform a live music show called baul music.

Baul music is a very old music tradition around the Bengal area of India and Bangladesh. The Baul tradition resembles sufi music in a ways since its considered as a way to get in touch with God. Yet Baul is more of a philosophy than a religion where the far most important message is love. Its also said to be a "seach for your innerself" by listening to/and performning baul music. Though more than 15 000 baul songs musicians of today in India can perform the songs and thereby treasure this unique music tradition.

The music is rhythmic, intense and harmonic at the same time and most of all beautiful to listen to. You get a sense of calm when listen to baol music, almost like if you were in a trance. 

The group performning on Sunday was in Sweden for a couple of days to perform at the music festival Urkult, calling themselves "Bauls of Bengal"- the music of Mystic Minstrels from Bengal. The group was led by the lovely Rina Das Baul of Santiniketan on vocals and the two string instruments Dotara and Ektara, accompanied by talented musicians on flute and drums.